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About Us

Founder Member/ Secretary:


Mr M Giles
15 John Street
S40 1DF
Telephone 07445275190
Email: mickerick1951@hotmail.co.uk


The Chesterfield Branch WFRA has now been going  for 12 years next year thanks to the continuous support from it’s members and the branch is thrieving with 45 members. If you would like to join us to support our cause in keeping the name of Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment alive and remembered here in Chesterfield please give your support and help to all those who have served with the Regiment and who are serving with the 2 Mercian Regiment and their families. We also welcome all ex-service & serving personel from all the other Armed Forces especially those past and present in 2 Mercian and their familes. We meet the last Wednesday of every month except December  7.30 at the address at the bottom of the page.
For more information please contact me on either of the above details or fill in the application form attached to this site. When filling in the application form please include your full postal address and post code in the box provided. Our sources of information are varied; one of the key groups is the Regimental Associations Branches, who due to their membership know some veterans and serving personel we are trying to contact.

Sadly it is apparent that some of the branches have very few Ex WFR personnel within them, some have none at all. All of the branches need the support of Ex WFR members in order to survive, without it they will inevitably have to close due to the lack of members. A lot of branches are now closed due lack of membership and all branches should support and help each other. A lot of veterans live in all parts of the country and cannot attend meetings, but it does not stop you joying and being part of your local branch.

The Association.

When you join an association,

Just pause for a whiles as your form is being filled

And just think what becoming a member entails –

Don’t turn out to be one or more member who fails.

It’s not the cost of your annual fee,

But attending the association instead of TV,

Of actively helping to arrange the associations do’s,

And not opting out whenever you choose.

Don’t say all decisions are made by the few,

Come to the meetings and state your own view,

Don’t slag association officials behind their backs,

Be honest and face them when you grind your axe.

Drum up fellow veterans when interests lag,

Don’t sat “Not Tonight, it’ too much of a drag”,

Or ” There’s gardening and painting and much more to do”,

An association is made up of such as you.

Remember that comradeship is found when on board,

With that, and hard work the future’s assured,

So please do your bit, be it large, be it small,

Without you my friend there’d be no association at all.


Haig House
42 Gluman Gate
S40 1TX