John Johnson

Vice Chairman 
Ken Truswell

Mick Giles

John Johnson

Standard Bearer

Peter Ravey



Date’s for your Diary 2017

March      WFRA Area Meeting Nottingham TBC

April 6th  Tuesday  Badajoz Day

April 22nd/23rd Sat/Sun  Martin Robinson’s memorial Service. Sutton – on – Sea

June 3rd  Saturday WFR Reunion 6 ways Rugby Club Worcester

July 1st   Saturday   Crich  Dinner

July 2nd Sunday  Crich Pilgrimage

September      Wednesday  Area Meeting Nottingham TBC

September 20th  Wednesday   Alma Day

September 23rd  Saturday Alma Dinner Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd, Chesterfield S40 4RN

October 7th  Saturday  WFRA AGM Lichfield

October 14th  Saturday   Games Night Worksop TBC

October 31st   Tuesday    Gheluvelt Day

November 11th  Saturday  Crich Remembrance Service. Crich Tower

November 12th  Sunday   National Remembrance Sunday

2017 Branch Meetings last Wed in the Month 19.30.

February 22nd 2017

March 29th AGM 2017

April 26th 2017

May 31st 2017

June 28th 2017

July 26th 2017

August 23th 2017

September 27th 2017

October 25th 2017

November 29th 2017

December no meeting


The secretary has applications forms for the following:-

Branch Membership

RBL Membership

Armed Forces Veterans Badges for those who have not got theirs yet.

I also have information & contact numbers for Army Personnel Records for Family Interest and General Enquires.





If anyone requires any information or wishes to join the Worksop Branch WFRA Please contact Mark Butcher by email at wfraworksop@sky.com or visit their website www.worksopbranchwfra.co.uk


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Would betting, bingo and any other companies like this stop using this site. This is a military Association site for ex service personel and serving personel to use. Not for businesses to use as they please. If anyone has not got anything sensible to put on this website don’t bother.

Thankyou for you co- operation


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Has anyone out there got anything military old or new with a description of what it is, to donate to the Association for future Armed Forces Days or any other events that may occur. Please contact me Mick Giles my phone number is at the bottom of this page.


A member of the Mansfield Branch has obtained a dvd recording of the unvailing of the Sherwood Foresters Memorial at the ceromony in Belgium from a lady who was there. The dvd is of good quality and clear but no commentry and is about 20 minutes long and is a historical event. If anyone requires a copy please contact me on the above email address or on 07445275190. I now have these dvd’s in my possession.